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ACA Dog Show Events and Information Link Page

If you have an ACA registered dog or puppy here are links and information I have found to be very helpful!

ACA Dog Shows

I find ACA dog shows are very professional and educational.  They are designed for the entire family and do not have “uppiddy” or negative attitudes in their judges or handlers. I also find that ACA has raised the bar on the levels of technical skill required by the dog and handlers to quality in the working dog events.  If your dog is not registered with ACA and is registered with AKC, FCI, UKC, or APR you must bring a copy of your dog’s registration papers and the dog show officials can “dual” register the dog with ACA.

ACA Dog Health Certification Forms

I have found what truly puts ACA far above all of the other registries is their comprehensive genetic health tracking.  They do this for the life of any ACA registered dog free of charge!  Your veterinarian has to fill out and sign the form.  Then send it to ACA and they enter it into their worldwide database free of charge.  This link will take you directly to a printable ACA Health Certification Form that you can print out right in your home.  ACA puppies must wait until they are fully grown before your veterinarian can certify them “free” of most common congenital defects.

ACA Dog Dual Registration Forms

If your dog is already registered with another dog registry that is not giving you the services or even customer service you need, here is the This link will take you directly to a printable ACA Dual Registration Form that you can print out right in your home.  You dog keeps his or her current registry, they just gain all of the benefits of being an ACA dog!

ACA Dog Lost & Found Tags

This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!  How’s that for service?

When you register your dog with the ACA, as I did, you automatically receive a ACA Lost and Found tag.  I comes with and attachment for you to affix it to your dogs collar.   On the front of the tag, it reads: “Protected by the American Canine Association, Inc.”  The back of the tag has a toll free telephone number and a unique ID number reserved for your ACA dog.  ACA has live operators to reunite you with your dog, any time of the day, any time of the year—for the life of your dog.

The Lost and Found tag is made of durable plastic that is high impact, shatter resistant, and has a greater degree of visibility.  If your ACA dog or ACA puppy looses their tag, just call ACA and they will send you another one free of charge.

ACA Dog Microchip Worldwide Registration

If your ACA Dog is micro-chipped, ACA will register your dog’s microchip free of charge at .  If your kids (or you – ha, ha) forget to secure the house and your dog gets out, your local Police or Animal Control can give you a call that they are now the new baby sitters of your dog until you can pick em’ up.

ACA Dog Ask-A-Trainer

ACA Dogs have free lifetime access to ACA’s “Ask A Trainer” service.  This is GREAT!  From housebreaking to chewing – these guys are there to tell you what you need to do!

ACA Dog Ask-A-Vet

ACA Dog’s have free lifetime access to ACA’s “Ask a Vet” services and listing of licensed veterinarians all over the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, and Mexico that have been referred by owners of ACA registered dogs.

ACA Dog Pedigree

Do you want to see info on your ACA Dog’s parents, grand-parents, and further back?  The above link gives you the form from ACA for receiving your dog’s pedigree - family tree!

ACA Dog direct Home Page

If I have not given you enough information, here is ACA’s Official Home Page.